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When I was growing up, my non-camp friends thought I was crazy for going away to summer camp for a whole month—eventually two. At the same time, my parent’s friends thought they were equally as crazy.  How could they send their kids away for the whole summer? Who would make sure they washed properly, got sleep, wore clean clothes?

Now, as a mother of two and someone who runs a camp, I can honestly say, from every inch of my being, that the opportunity to go to sleep-away camp is the best gift a parent can give to their child.

So, that being said, what are the top 5 things your child will gain from summer camp?


Kids quickly learn that at camp, if you want something done, you have to do it yourself.  Of course there are counselors around, but they can’t possibly do everything for every camper.  Whether it’s making their bed and getting dressed or figuring out how to follow a camp schedule and get to activities and back on their own, campers gain an incredible amount of independence and come home surprising their parents with what they can do all by themselves!


It is amazing to watch campers thrive when they aren’t under the watchful eyes of their parents.  A great camp will embrace every camper for who they are and allow their greatest traits to shine through. A warm and nurturing environment can encourage kids to do what they do best – be themselves!


When we remove cell phones and computers and replace them with 4 cabin walls, it’s amazing how kids interactions drastically change.  At camp, campers figure out how to communicate in person and solve conflicts with their peers without parent intervention.  They learn how to respect each other, how to deal with various emotions and personalities and how to live with an entire cabin group 24/7!


At home, most kids gravitate towards activities they enjoy and/or excel at doing and live in pretty comfortable surroundings. At camp, it can be a whole different ball game.  Adapting to living with a group of peers, trying activities they have never done before, performing in front of others, camping outside, dealing with wildlife, dealing with confrontations on their own are all just small examples of camp’s life lessons that make campers more resilient and stronger individuals when they return home.  Tackling your fears and stepping outside your comfort zone are milestones that happen daily in a camp environment.


Making friends, enjoying a never ending sleepover and playing together every minute of the day. Is there really anything better for a child?

At camp, campers have the opportunity to develop hard and soft skills.  They grow, they mature, yes, they may fall down or fail at an activity but they learn that it’s ok to fail and to simply get back up and try again.  It’s cliche, I know, but it’s true.  At camp, kids play, they have fun and they become a better version of themselves.

me&kidsMargot Perlmutter is the Camp Director at Camp Tamakwa, a residential summer camp in Algonquin Park Ontario.  Margot first attended Tamakwa as a camper in 1986 and continued for 10 years.  After a decade in the advertising world, Margot decided to fulfill her passion and returned to help provide a new generation of campers with the same wonderful memories she enjoyed as a child.  Margot is passionate about the environment and promoting a healthy lifestyle with good quality food for all campers and staff.   

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