Melinda Fay is a collector, a shop keeper, a curator, an artist, a connector and a mom– not necessarily in that order. She owns and operates the Good Eye Gallery in Eagle Rock, a brick and mortar store filled with vintage and contemporary art objects and decor to spread her concept of Curativity.  It is also her headquarters for what she does best – connect. 

Melinda and her husband Mark’s home has been featured in Apartment Therapy and the Good Eye Gallery has been featured in the LA Times. Melinda, a die-hard baseball mom, is often seen (and heard) cheering on her son and ace pitcher, Boon, and chasing after 5 year old Haskell.  She sat down with Paulette Light of Momstamp to talk about how a marriage and family therapist ends up with a sweet gallery in Eagle Rock and the intersection of entrepreneurship and motherhood. 

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The Journey to Good Eye Gallery

My route was circuitous. In my 20’s I was living in San Francisco working in the vibrant arts and music scene of the late 80’s/early 90’s booking bands, curating art shows, and living a creative life. I moved to LA with the hope of learning photography and opening a gallery. I got my masters in art therapy because that seemed like a better way to make a living, but I never gave up my dream of having my own space to showcase my love of curating and the arts.

Mother of Invention

Motherhood is what led me to this place. I didn’t want somebody else raising my kids. I was working as an MFT and I found it difficult to find clients who could see me during the day in private practice. I wanted to create my own schedule and put a concept (the concept of curativity) I was honing into practice. My training was in art therapy.  I considered opening an art therapy studio with a gallery attached. When I had my second son I decided to focus on being with him so my license became inactive. While he was a baby I redecorated my house with the help of Tamara Honey from House of Honey. She encouraged me to help other people find cool art and curate their homes so I did pop up exhibits with a little art consulting/decorating on the side. The run around became too much so i promised myself that when both boys were in school full time i would find a space to showcase what I do.

Making it all Work

I’m not sure i do a very good job at making everything work smoothly but renting a space within walking distance from my house (and auntie em’s) makes it a little easier to bring my kids to work with me. Also I have a handful of people I trust and can call on to take my kids if I need to meet a client. Most of them are young energetic guys who my kids love being with so that helps. I also have a neighbor with the same aged boys I trade off with when I’m at my wit’s end and not doing such a great job

Love, Trust & a Strong Back

Love what you do or you’ll spend a lot of time doubting your choices.  I work by myself so I’ve had to learn to really trust my own voice and lean on a few select people who have more business experience than I do. Be generous with your time and talk to everybody. Always remain curious and maintain a sense of humor. A strong back helps for all the schlepping furniture in and out of the old minivan.


See Melinda’s North East LA Momstamp Collection HEREand all of her Momstamps HERE.  

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