This Mother’s Day Momstamp celebrates the service providers and friends we rely on who help us and our community get things done.  Who makes your job as a parent easier?  Why?  Take a few minutes between now and Thursday and post on our Facebook page, tweet at @Mom_Stamp or tag us on Instagram and let us know. Today, Momstamp’s co-founder and CEO, Paulette Light, gives a shout out to the people and places that keep her life on track.

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I am so grateful to so many providers who made me the mom I am today.  I didn’t find Liz Memel and RIE until after I had my fourth child and I think it was a case of the universe sending you what you need when you need it most.

Hearing “I can’t hear your words” from your 3 year old, is a scary thing.  Dr. Nina Shapiro cured all that with eartubes, adnoid and tonsilectamy—helping my son to finally sleep through the night. We get such great care from Beverly Hills Pediatrics.  All the doctors there are great.

LIZ-RIE           NinaShapiro          scott cohen

Liz Memel and RIE                           Dr. Nina Shapiro                 Beverly Hills Pediatrics

Lately, I am incredibly grateful to Drs David Skaggs and Nina Lightdale over at Children’s Hospital who quickly saw my son when he was hit by a pitch and broke his hand. My girls grew up at Sophie Dance.My daughter just momstamped them saying that “they made my dreams come true”.

skaggs          Nina          sophie dance  

Dr. David Skaggs                             Dr. Nina Lightdale                              Sophie Dance     

Team Tutors has gotten us over academic hurdles.  As has Liana Arauz who practically performed miracles teaching Spanish to my dyslexic daughter.  Speaking of dyslexia- I am grateful to the Los Angeles Drama Club who took my daughter when she couldn’t read or memorize and gave her the part of Lady Macbeth-teaching her to learn through her heart and instilling a lifelong love of Shakespeare.

teamtutorsActual       team tutors          dramaclub

Team Tutors                                           Liana Arauz                            Los Angeles Drama Club

Polly Broiphy, who is no longer in private practice and now works at Westmark, gave her confidence to get through her first book and Dr. Karen Schiltz, PhD finally diagnosed what the heck was going on and gave my daughter the keys to advocate for herself. You can’t be the mom that you want to be if you are in pain. I have had debilitating back pain and eventually two lower back surgeries.

During those painful times – Sheri Fitzgerald, DC. saved me. Ikar provides the spiritual guidance and discomfort (yup discomfort) to see a world that is bigger than just ourselves and holds my kids accountable for who they are in that world.

Likewise, Camp Ramah in California is their place, their community. Ramah has managed to be an intensely special place for each of our four children. Not growing up sporty, I never knew the amazing value of a team—The Wilshire Warriors kids and parents- are like family. In fact more than family as, I don’t think I could get my family to drive my kids at 6am to Covina then take them to Chipotle after a double header.

karenSchiltz          SheriFitzgerald          Camp Ramah

Dr. Karen Schiltz, PhD               Sheri Fitzgerald, DC                Camp Ramah

I get by with so much help from my friends. I have written about it before, but it bears repeating that I would be nothing without the people who drive, feed, and often house my children. I love you and couldn’t get through it without you. Sending huge gratitude to Laura Putney, Frances Hoge, Diane Sherer, Lisa Gannon, Tony Gittleson, Andrea Nevins and the Warrior Family (too many to mention) but a special shoutout to Coaches Ryne Tacker and Matt Magallon- who are big brother stand-ins, amazing role models and my kids frequent driving and dining companions. I am a better mom because you are in my kids’ life.

Who’s in your village?

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