This Mother’s Day Momstamp celebrates the service providers and friends we rely on who help us and our community get things done.  Who makes your job as a parent easier?  Why?  Take a few minutes today and post on our Facebook page, tweet at @Mom_Stamp or tag us on Instagram and let us know. Today, Momstamp’s co-founder, Staci Miller gives a shout out to the people and places that keep her life on track.

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The thing you learn about being a mom is that everyone has a story — a birth story, a child with needs story, a parent with needs story. No one has smooth sailing all the time. I am grateful for those who have helped me navigate through it all.

Finding out that your child has severe food allergies can be overwhelming and frightening. I’m grateful for Dr. Rita Kachru who not only gave us all the relevant information, but also patiently saw my son almost every week for a year as he battled through related viral asthma.

When that same child cracked his head open at two and needed plastic surgery on his head, I couldn’t help but feeling, this is my child, I can’t let some “Beverly Hills” plastic surgeon take care of him. But Dr. Lisa Cassileth proved to me that the stereotype doesn’t always fit, and provided excellent care for my baby.

large_Screenshot_2014-10-05_23.11.51    large_kids-doctors-allergist

Dr. Lisa Cassileth                         Dr. Rita Kachru

I think every parent would love for their child to find a passion in life. Not sure if it will be a life long passion, but my daughter has a great love for dance. Finding a dance studio in LA that is both serious, but fun and supportive at the same time is a huge challenge. I’m so grateful that we found 8 Count Academy where my daughter loves to spend several afternoons a week.

Sometimes it comes down to the mundane. When I first came to LA I had basic needs to fulfill — who would cut my hair and wax my eyebrows. When it came to the later my criteria at the time were simple — who was close by, reasonably priced, and wasn’t too much of a production. In the thirteen years since I’ve been going to Lorraine at Ophelia I’ve learned that she is just truly amazing at what she does — fast, flexible, and a master. Sometimes, even if it seems trivial, it’s helpful to have those people in your corner.

large_kids-dance-class   large_beauty-waxer-hair-remover
8 Count Academy                        Lorraine at Ophelia

Lastly, even though they receive no compensation from me I would love to thank a handful of moms who really should be paid for the help they provide my kids and me. Thank you to Tammy Globerman, Lisa Woods and Amy Hoffman for always offering. And thank you to my fellow school volunteer partner in crime Jennifer Kleinert.

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Tammy Globerman                  Lisa Woods                          Amy Hoffman 

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