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Ingrid Gewirtz is an LA based artist, and mom of two.  Born in Mexico City, raised in San Diego, and currently living in Beverlywood, Ingrid is staying true to her own creative instincts, as she navigates her career choices and motherhood.

Staci Miller, Momstamp COO & Co-Founder, sat down with Ingrid to discuss her artistic business endeavors and parenthood.

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Tell us about your current career choices.

Right now I’m involved in three different areas. I teach art classes to girls once/week. I really love doing this because I like to create a space and an environment where girls can just relax, listen to music, chat with their friends, and have the space and time to be inspired. I’m very into the process, and making sure that the kids are having fun and not so concerned with reproducing a perfect sample.

IgridElephantI also envision and design key décor elements for events. This can involve anything from candy tables, to centerpieces, to party favors. It may seem a little strange, but I take this responsibility really seriously. I try to create elements for people that are personalized, creative and truly represent who they are. I like to take every day items and transform them into something truly amazing for a Bar Mitzvah kid’s special day. I don’t always know what I’m going to do from the start, but I try to work with clients who trust that I will create something amazing and truly special for them.


The last thing I do, is I create intricate paper cutouts, that are turned into wall art.  This can be an image For me, this work is really important because it helps me relax and almost creates a meditative environment. It’s also something I can do 10 minutes a day or two hours a day, and isn’t on such a tight time frame.

IngridPaperCutoutHow do you figure it all out?

I don’t really figure it all out. I like that I’m doing more than one thing creatively, because it helps me not to get bored or overwhelmed. Each thing I’m doing fulfills me creatively in different ways. I try to involve my kids in what I’m doing as much as possible, and some of what I’m doing I can work around their schedule. But when I have an event on a Saturday morning it can be really hard. I just try to stay true to what I’m feeling — I feel truly lucky to have a job that is also my hobby, that is actually what I was trained to do.

What advice do you have for parents about doing art with kids?

I feel like at school and in many art classes there is a sample given to kids of a finished project and then they are given very specific materials to work with to recreate that sample personalized for them. For me art is about trying to help kids connect with their creativity. I love to give kids a set of materials which may work well together, but without a specific project in mind. It’s amazing to see what kids can do when their not constrained by expectations or very specific directions. I see this creativity extending beyond art.

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IngridRobotWhat advice do you have for people planning events?

For me it’s all about connecting with the personal and focusing on the small details. When you’re thinking about doing a theme for a party for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah let’s say, its not just about a basketball theme for instance, it’s about how does your child connect to that theme?  And how can you incorporate personal elements from their experience into that theme. I find it’s the small details that really make something feel special and unique.


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