Christin Galarraga has always had a sharp eye for style, an insatiable passion for fashion, and an uncanny knack for knowing what looks good.  Christin has always considered it one of her greatest joys to help others discover themselves through their closets.  Through a uniquely holistic approach to styling, Christin ensures that her clients are thoroughly taken care of, inside and out.  When Christin isn’t styling her clients, she’s spending quality time with daughter Savannah and family, enjoying her sunny SoCal lifestyle to the fullest.


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Finding Yourself

Style is about more than just trendy outfits and pretty trinkets.  It’s about health, happiness, and loving yourself; most of all, it’s about feeling good. As moms, we often push ourselves to do it all.  Along the way we don’t realize how much of ourselves we lose doing for our family and friends until we look in the mirror and say “Who is that?!” I remember a while after my daughter was born, I had that same moment in the mirror one day.  I knew I wanted a change and some inspiration to help me get back to a happier place with myself.  I knew exactly where to start…my closet.

Closet Therapy

I hired a personal stylist who came in and asked me questions about me and my lifestyle and my wardrobe issues.  She went through my closet and helped me to pick what items were good to keep and what I could do without and then what I could use shopping-wise.  Even though I am a wardrobe stylist myself, I remember the feeling of having her come in and take care of everything for me.  I was not in the place mentally, nor physically did I have the time to go through my closet myself or even let alone go shopping for myself.  I will never forget my smile when I put on the first outfit she picked for me. I felt alive again, excited and happy. I was inspired to go out into the world and shine, not hide under a hat or in the same yoga pants.  It was the first time in a long time that I was doing something for me and was the push I needed to be motivated to attack my “To Do List.”  People immediately noticed a change in my energy and my spirit and so did I.

Change for the Better

That change helped me to be a better mom to my daughter because I felt alive and fun again.  She picked up on that change within me.

Share the Love

I love being able to share that experience with my clients and especially with other moms because I’ve been there myself. Seeing a client transform themselves inside and out is truely a heart-warming experience. It’s part of why I love what I do!



1. You find your self wearing the same items over and over again.

2. A lot of your items of clothing are starting to become “pilly” meaning there are a lot of those little fuzzy or rolled up “pills” forming on your clothing.

3. Your white pieces of clothing are not so white anymore.

4. You go through your closet regularly saying to yourself “I have nothing to wear”.

5. You have to check your credit card statements to check the last time you actually went shopping for YOURSELF and ONLY yourself.

See Christine’s Fantastic Recommendations on Momstamp!