Summer is upon us and chances are your family travel plans are about to come to fruition. While we all look forward to the extra time with our kids, getting from point A to point B can be a little intimidating. To make your trip a little easier this year, we sourced tips and tricks from the MomStamp social media community.

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We will keep adding to the list all summer long, so be sure to keep checking back. says, “ask locals what to do and where to eat. They know the best places!”

@deafinitelywanderlusth says, “do research and participate in any upcoming events. As for kids, bring them a journal where they can write and draw about their traveling experiences. To make it even more fun, let the kids decorate their travel journal as well.”

@sweetnswag says, “My favorite easy and healthy travel snack that I take for my little one while flying is homemade gluten free trail mix! I get my ingredients from Good Earth. It is stain free and is easily cleaned up if spilled while definitely entertaining to her.”

@milkdrunkdairy says, “We’re flying for the first time in a few weeks. However, I’ve been told to feed them at take-off and landing, to help ease pain.”

@PauletteLight says, “Every 20 mins my kids get to open a “gift” from their carry on. Something I bought from @99Only & wrapped in foil. Those garage sale stickers always worked well 4 me- kids can stick all over and they easily remove.”

Do you have any kid-friendly travel tips you’d like to share? If so, tell us in the comments below and we will add them to our blog! Also, be sure to join our social media conversation on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest!

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