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Every Monday, Momstamp talks with women that inspire us.  This week, beauty inspired food blogger & kitchen healer Jules Blaine Davis talks with Momstamp co-founder, Julie Hermelin about some of the ways she brings beauty and balance into her life.

Jules Blaine Davis is a renaissance woman. A mother of two, wife, writer, painter, performer, hip-hop dancer and kitchen healer, Jules finds passion in inspiring women to reconnect with their food story while providing nourishment for themselves and their families. As a kitchen healer, her prime focuses are: showing the way to beauty within the mess, teaching women how to nourish themselves and their families, inspiring everyone to cook & shifting the way we view and eat food in America.

Farmer’s Market

Nourishment is the priority for everything in my home. It gets me ready for my motherhood, for taking care of my family and for taking care of myself.  So naturally, gathering food at the farmers market on Sunday’s is the primary way I make my life easier. It’s me being the Jewish grandmother that I don’t have at the moment.  It’s like somebody taking care of me, even though it’s me grandmother-ing myself.  I’m being nourished. Whether it’s the berries, snacks, the lunches, the dinners, I gather this beauty, hear myself, listen to some NPR on the way and connect to a piece of me that’s not such a messy self.


Rice Cooker 

My rice cooker is fundamental. I can prep for two minutes and have a meal, but even more importantly, I can have an aroma. I set it up early so when I get home it smells like someone has been cooking. That feels amazing.

Altars of Beauty

Beauty is such a huge piece of making my life easier. When I surround myself with beauty, whether it’s pears on a cake plate,or the food out of the packaging, I’m essentially creating altars for the week.  I can stand back, look at the beauty and breathe.

I’m at the window sill all the time, because that’s where the sink is, and I have an alter there. A lot of people just put whatever there without having mindfulness around it. That is where time goes for me, so I put a few things there that just remind me of beauty and remind me of who I am. Because that’s not really reflected in a day-to-day chaotic, needs-driven life. Part of the altar is an orchid and three little French egg holders that I came from before I had a family.

Inside of the pain, inside the suffering, inside the hardship, or the joy, or the amazingness, I have a reflection of myself in front of me in that altar.


Night Shower

I shower in the night. I can’t say that I do it all the time, but when I get my shower out of the way and it’s something I can have time to do in the late evening I can enjoy it.  In the daytime there are just too many needs everywhere.  I don’t want to make that time for me shorter, I want to actually enjoy it, so I do it in the night.


I say yes to support. Yes to support, any support. It’s something that is very historical and in our culture women want to be able to everything. Totally amazing and awesome, until we’re strung out, have no more hormones left and we’re needing a Prozac IV. I say yes to help and support of all kinds.


Morning Tea

In the morning I  make  tea. In making the tea, even if I don’t even get to drink the tea, I am taking care of myself. Essentially, it’s about this idea of turning on the fire.  I know that I am taking care of the bigger piece in me when the fire goes on.  That’s a daily practice. From the minute I wake up, the first thing I do is I turn on either the stove or the oven. I just get a warmth going, and that takes care of me. Whether it’s the kettle that’s on the stove top or I’m going to put something in that oven and I have no idea of what it is, I don’t have a recipe in mind, I just know I need to turn the oven on because something needs to be made since I’m home for the next 30 minutes doing lunches, coffee, breakfast, etc…

In the beginning of the day I make what I call a “Miracle Tea,” which is the tea that I offer at the miracles. It’s a black tea with a little cream and sugar. It’s definitely yummy, a warming tea with that kind of sweet creaminess to it. In the night, I will make a lavender-chamomile tea. Honestly, just to feel the warm cup in my palms. I might take a sip, I might drink the whole cup. I will find it on my bedside full, but it was the warmth and that one sip, or that second sip that I loved. Before I might be totally exhausted and not even need it, but the warmth of it and the stirring of it boiling, there’s something about that that takes care of me.


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