Momstamp co-founder Paulette Light spoke with writer, journalist and television personality Amanda Garrigus who introduces us to her new blog

Who are you?

I’m Amanda Luttrell Garrigus, a proud Tanzanian/Canadian/American writer, journalist, television host and mom. Happily, I’ve spent most of my life navigating the fun, flashy, inspired and inspiring, mercurial fashion world, albeit under various guises. Magazines were my first love and my entree, and as a magazine editor I’ve lived my dream and worked for titles like VogueAllure, and Glamour, and then, after paying many dues, I earned the Editor-in-Chief post at Angeleno magazine in sunny Los Angeles. Television came next, and I loved it too! As a TV Correspondent I’ve had the privilege of interviewing lots of celebrities and fashion designers, and reporting on fashion trends for E! News, Extra, and KTLA. Then, as things tend to go, one thing led to another and I began collaborating with brands including Starbucks for whom I acted as spokesperson at New York Fashion Week. Then I realized another dream and wrote a book, as luck would have it, with my friend Kelly Wearstler. It’s called Rhapsody. And so here I am, adding blogger to my list of titles, and I’m as excited as ever.

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 What Do You Do?

I write, blog, and talk about fashion/style on television.

What’s your journey to get here?

Well, my grandmother was my first point of inspiration. My dad’s mom was very stylish and sewed a lot of clothes for herself and for me and my sisters. I got hooked on fashion watching Fashion Television and Fashion File as a kid in Toronto and so, after a circuitous route via a Political Science and Environmental Studies degree I studied magazine journalism and began to work at glossy fashion mags, first as a stylist and later as a writer. Then a few career leaps later and E! Networks came knocking and I was on my way to more fun and work, this time in front of the camera. Today I’ve managed to merge all my loves, writing, on-camera correspondence work, fashion and style into a happy, flexible and fulfilling work life.

Did you have a “moment of clarity” that propelled you into business?

Well, that clock keeps ticking and my kids keep marking the time for me with their growth spurts and academic leaps, and I had a moment when I thought, hmmmm, I’ve been doing great work in support of other people’s businesses and it’s high time I invest back in myself. It was from that moment of decisiveness that my blog, With Love, Amanda, was born.

What do you wish you knew then that you know now?

That it’s ok to stand up for yourself, assert your worth and ask for what you think you deserve.

What are your “mom hacks”- what are your tips to getting it all done?

I wish I had more! My biggest survival tactic is making sure everyone knows what the plan is. Whatever it may be. So there’s no last minute whining and “you didn’t tell me”s.  Everyone is on the same page so we can all row in the same direction to get through our day.

What makes your life easier?

My sisters. My mom. My husband. Not necessarily in that order.

What keeps you up at night?

The uncertain economic and environmental future of our world. I know that’s a big one. You can see why it keeps me up! Ha!

What’s your fashion advice for the average mom?

Wear what makes you feel beautiful. It’s that simple. Just do it.

What do you think about this “uniform” trend?

It’s cool, but limiting. I appreciate that it works for some people, but it doesn’t suit me. I like to dress according to my mood. Some days that might be minimalist, others playful, still others I’ll go for the glam. I’m not a fan of labels and pigeon holes.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about starting a blog?

Well, I’m pretty new at it myself, but I’d say go for it! And be prepared to work hard. Stay the course. It’s all about consistency, commitment and a unique point of view.

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