Defined by the delicate marriage of classic shapes, modern detail and Parisian charm, designer Clare Vivier has built a brand that continues to push the envelope with each new collection.  At Momstamp, her handbags are a staple of our wardrobe. Whether for work or play, there’s a Clare V. bag to meet our needs.  From the well crafted laptop cases that helped launch her line, to her “every occasion” fold over clutches or her summer beach totes for our weekend get aways, Clare V. is one of our go-to’s.

Clare’s roots run deep in the Los Angeles community, where her line has been made exclusively since 2008.  Since opening her first Clare V. flagship store in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Silverlake in 2012, Clare has now has shops throughout Los Angeles in Santa Monica and West Hollywood and in New York’s, Nolita. Momstamp caught up with Clare to discuss creativity, work, family and the joy of some quiet time reading.


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Creative Inspiration

I’ve noticed that I’ve always paid attention to artists, architecture, fashion and vintage – they’re a constant source of inspiration.

Office Hours/Parenting Hours

If you have kids and you’re creative, they influence you in creative ways. Practically, I happen to work in a creative profession, but it is still a profession that requires my time and I have a family life, too, so I have to be careful to find a balance. I really do my best to work during work hours and devote my time away from work to being a responsible parent.


Designs for Women

We’ve been asked many times to do a diaper bag and we’ve never done one. But the line was designed with a working woman in mind – and no one works more than a mom. I find that most, if not all, of our bags are mom-friendly and are versatile enough to be used during any phase of your life.

Broader Horizons 

Something we’ve decided on for summers is that my son Oscar will spend two and half weeks every Summer in Minnesota where I grew up and then time in France where my husband grew up. So in lieu of a more traditional camp, we’re giving him access to life in other areas and exposure to different ways of life, versus the very busy city life of Los Angeles.


Evolving Parenting Roles

My co-parenting relationship with my husband has evolved over the years. Currently he is a more active stay-at-home parent than I am because I am traveling much more now and I work far more regular office hours when I am in town. So he does the grocery shopping and cooking and we share the cleaning.

Down Time

When I do find time for myself it’s mostly just on the weekends. If I’m in town, usually I’ll be left alone for a few hours on Saturday or on Sunday when I can just go on hikes or read for hours, which is all I really want to do on the weekends.


Every Mother Counts

Recently, Clare V. teamed up Every Mother Counts (EMC), the global maternal health non-profit founded by Christy Turlington Burns, to create these double-sided printed totes.  Every Mother Counts is dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother.   They work to inform, engage, and mobilize new audiences to take actions and raise funds supporting maternal health programs.


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