Momstamp loves our dads!  This Father’s Day we celebrate the Momstamp father’s by highlighting some of their fantastic recommendations on our homepage.  

In honor of dads everywhere, we are proud to present a special Q&A with a father who inspires us and our community, Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti. 


What does being a father mean to you? 

Nothing is more important than my relationship with my daughter, and there is nothing about which I care more than the person my daughter is growing up to be.

Being a father means making time each day, even when it seems like there is no time to be made. And it means finding things that you can share and fall in love with together.

Some people know me as a big Kings fan…but Maya is the biggest fan in the family. She recently went to a Dodgers game and insisted upon cheering for the Kings.

We read together most nights, but we often put our books down and tell each other amazing stories, as well.

We both love music. My mothers’ friends got her a little white piano that stands beside mine and she plays alongside me when I practice.

I do my best to keep grounded and spend time with Maya and my friends and family independent of my public life.


How has being a parent influenced your political work?

Amy and I have our own definition of family. For us, family isn’t just about caring for those who are related to you by blood. Family means caring for everyone in your life, whether that be your god, your children, your foster children, your friends and their families, or the neighbor’s kid who can’t stop hitting baseballs into the yard!

Family is about that moment where you take a breath and think about how to broaden your reach to include all those around you. It’s all-encompassing.

I try to treat everyone I encounter in my work with that same care. Leadership requires empathy, it requires listening, it requires patience. Those are skills that parents learn faster and better than anyone.

That definition of family helps me to see Los Angeles, as diverse as it is, as one connected community. It doesn’t matter what language you speak or where you’re from, or what your circumstances are, we’re all Angelenos.


What is your co-parenting relationship like with your wife, Amy? 

Amy and I rarely take a full day off work, but we are both deeply committed to our family. And we make sure that we have family time every day.

We share family responsibilities as much as possible. I do more of the late night comforting in our household and Amy oversees more of the day time activities.  If I get home too late to put Maya to bed, I make sure that I wake her up in the morning.

What are some of the ways you are able to integrate the responsibilities of parenthood into your work life?

As a parent, you learn to roll with the punches. And you have to keep moving forward and facing that next step, despite any fear. Nothing is known, everything is new, and you have no alternative but to forge ahead and do your best.


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