As the CEO and founder of Trendera, an innovative marketing and media consulting firm, Jane Buckingham has worked with clients including L’Oreal, The CW, Cosmopolitan Magazine, and Chanel. She’s the bestselling author of the of the Modern Girl’s Guide series and a regular guest on Good Morning America.  Momstamp caught up with Jane to talk trends, parenting and advice for getting back into the workforce. Jane lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two children, Jack and Lilia.

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Tell us about what you do?

Funny, my kids keep asking me that too! First and foremost I’m a mom. My profession is that I run a company called Trendera, where we do trend forecasting, consulting and research and focus on Generations X, Y and V (some people are calling them Z) and understanding how people think. I also write books called The Modern Girls Guides.

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What have you been up to lately?

What I’m super excited about right now is that I just revised The Modern Girls Guide to Life which was a book that I wrote 10 years ago. I did it because I wanted there to be a place where all the tips and tricks that girlfriends passed along to each other could be in one place.  And after 10 years I realized there was so much that was new that I hadn’t included the first time so I added all this new content and it is coming out now. I love The Modern Girl books. And I love being able to help women, but I also want to be able to offer advice that is relevant and useful. So I’m thrilled that it is coming out again!



How do you make it work? What makes your life easier?

Some days I don’t!  A lot of days I don’t :) I think I had to redefine what “making it work” meant. I had to realize that everything wasn’t going to be picture perfect — that I couldn’t cook (I’m terrible), that not everything would happen the way I had hoped, that you can’t have everything all at one time…that my kids idea of a great fun day was NOT reorganizing closets (I should have had Virgo’s like me). But I also realized that I needed some help — from friends who I carpool with, to the fact that having a smaller company lets me do more with my kids then having a major organization, to knowing that I have to be more forgiving when my husband gets annoyed because the truth is sometimes I DO ignore him!

What are your tips for getting things done?

Well, I try to avoid lunches. I really try to just make it a “rule” that I don’t do them. They are a huge time suck and since I really like to pick up my kids at school when I can, if I go to lunch I basically am ending my work day at 1. By NOT doing lunches I’m not offending anyone. I’ll do coffee, have breakfast, or meet in my office. I just try not to have lunch. I also try to buy birthday presents and cards in bulk. Especially the ones I know kids really like (at this age it’s mostly iTunes gift cards, Forever 21 gift cards, gift card gift cards), that way I don’t have to make a last minute scramble before every party for a present. Rosie O’Donnell once chastised me on the View saying that was totally impersonal but I think it’s really practical. If it’s a super close friend who my child wants to purchase something special, chances are we know that in advance. I also put every holiday and school day off in my calendar at the beginning of the year so I don’t get caught off guard :)


What’s your advice for someone getting back into the workforce?

1) Bone up on your technology

If there is one area you may have missed it is probably tech. So do a refresher on everything from Snapchat to periscope. You don’t have to be as fluent as your 13 year old but you don’t want to walk in thinking that Firefox is the newest thing out there. 


Most jobs come from people you know – maybe not directly from them but people they know. Put the word out there that you are looking. Be prepared to intern and spend a little time working your way back in. Don’t let your ego stand in the way of getting a good opportunity. 

3) Don’t Apologize!

There is nothing wrong with having taken time off to raise your kids – or any reason! So don’t feel like you have to apologize for whatever decisions you made. Companies want hard workers, but be ready to be one…recognize that even though your life might still be in transition their company might still be in full force.

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