Momstamp is on the move!  Join us as we welcome Detroit to our growing community of interconnected families asking for and sharing trusted resources as we spotlight Detroit based entrepreneur, Samantha Kelman of Cycle & Row.

Currently featured in Jillian Michael’s new reality series, Sweat Inc. on Spike TV, Samantha Kelman and Karen Kelman are the mother/daughter owners and brains behind Cycle & Row. Their dedication to healthy living and fitness fuels their lives.  They look to inspire others to feel and live the same way. Cycle & Row boasts that it is the only high intensity circuit that is for everyone.  Momstamp sat down with Samantha for some trusted advice on finding a sustainable long term workout. 


Mother & Daughter: Karen & Samantha Kelman (rt to lft)

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1. Avoid High Impact

If you’re a hardcore workout person you have to be careful of injury. So many exercise classes out there will leave you dripping sweat, breathless and feeling awesome mentally. But how do your knees feel? And your neck? Your back? Watch out for and avoid high impact exercises at all costs.


2. Find A Sustainable Routine

When Sam lived in New York City, she completed two half marathons. She loved to run. The feeling of being outside, listening to good music, seeing great results in her body, motivated her to lace up her shoes almost every morning and hit the road. Then she literally ran her way into knee problems. After months and months of MRIs, physical therapy and cortisone shots, she realized her days of long runs were over. Running is extremely high impact. She started Cycle & Row because she wanted something that would give her the same intense workout, but without the impact. Look for a sustainable workout. Soul Cycle, for example, does an excellent job of creating a workout that is high intensity, low impact and fun. This combination lends itself to sustainability. Not many fitness establishments can claim all three.


3. Monitor Your Progress

While high intensity, low impact and fun is the perfect combination for a fulfilling workout, what can help motivate you to keep coming back?  For that perfect workout routine, there’s one more crucial piece to the puzzle, measurable results.  Heart rate monitoring is a great way to ensure you are getting the results you want from your workout. Heart rate monitoring is the most accurate means to understanding how your body is responding to exercise so you can continue to improve as an athlete and never plateau. We live in such a data driven society, who wouldn’t want to know exactly how hard we’re working and what it means for our bodies? Look for a workout class that integrates monitoring your progress as part of the session. You will be amazed at the results and what it feels like to challenge yourself over and over again.

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