Ericka N Perry, M.S. is a mother of three, wife, podcast host, and entrepreneur. She launched her parent company, MommyMaiDD Services Inc. a little over three years ago and her flagship product The Stork Bag, in 2014. Ericka co-hosts the popular YouAreCreators “web-series” podcast with her husband, Justin. Ericka has said that her mission is to create products and services that make parents lives easier. Her business model centers on reinventing the way corporate America views mothers in the workplace by establishing a flexible working environment for moms who also happen to be career women.

Momstamp sat down with Ericka for a little Q&A about motherhood, entrepreneurship and preparing for the ‘no’s.



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Tell us about yourself?

I’m a mom of three awesome little guys and a wife of one great guy. I am also a business owner and creator. During the day I run my company, MommyMaiDD along with my team of moms. We mainly focus on our flagship product,The Stork Bag, which is the first ever pregnancy subscription bag service. My typical day consist of conference calls, product creation, kid’s soccer practice, conflict resolution (home & work), karate practice, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse reruns, evening family time, chaotic family dinners and late nights in front of the computer.


MommyMaiDD & The Stork Bag Fill us in!

MommyMaiDD was created to assist busy millennial families like ours by providing a convenient platform for families to connect with domestic assistants, not babysitters for kids, but domestic assistants for parents, to help clear up busy schedules and make more time for families to bond.MommyMaiDD and The Stork Bag are like my 4th and 5th children. Sounds crazy but my business is like my baby. I’ve watched it grow and proudly take responsibility for the good, bad and ugly! I started MommyMaiDD back in 2012 because I found not only a gap in the market but I also needed the service personally. At the time that I created MommyMaiDD, my husband and I worked crazy hours, hardly saw each other, and barely had time to spend together as a family. 

The Stork Bag was born after once again finding a clear gap in a virtually untapped market. I wanted to create a disruptive product with the popular subscription based e-commerce model. I’ve always had a passion to help women and mothers which is why my business and products all center around that mission. The Stork Bag was launched in November 2014 as the 1st pregnancy subscription bag and quickly grew into a world-wide product serving hundreds of pregnant women in less than 1 year.

Our Stork Bags are unlike any other curated subscription bundle because we take curating to the next level by handpicking trimester specific pregnancy and beauty items and putting them in reusable bags for our pregnant customers. We also search for innovative mom-created products to add to our bags because after all, who knows a mom better than a mom? Right now about 75% of all our products are mom-owned/created products. I think our customers appreciate that aspect of our Stork Bags.

How did you get to where you are?

I got to where I am today with hard work, consistency, a good team, a dedicated spouse, positive thinking and child-like faith. Although I’ve just begun to scratch the surface, my journey continues to move in an upward direction because of these things. Each time I get a “yes”, I’m reminded that the no’s aren’t as important.

What are some of your “Parenting Hacks”?

Lists! I write lists for almost everything but grocery shopping!  I have daily weekly and monthly lists. In conjunction with my plethora of lists, I constantly have to remind myself not to take things so seriously; I think that’s a definite “mom hack.” Over-thinking or taking yourself too seriously can quickly kill your joy and you’ll find yourself focusing on all that doesn’t really matter instead of productively getting things done.

What advice do you have for someone starting a business?

My advice for a budding entrepreneur is to prepare for the no’s. It may sound discouraging but believe me it’s not, in the beginning you may get more no’s than yes’s but the great thing about that is, it only takes 1 yes! If you look back in history almost every successful entrepreneur was told ‘no’ at least once but the only reason they succeeded is because they didn’t give up. I encourage all entrepreneurs to create a business that you are passionate about. Create something that makes you want to keep going in the good and bad times. Create something that makes you proud and that serves. Do what you love and the money and success will be a byproduct.

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