Lesley Brog is a New York transplant to Los Angeles. She is the founder and Chief Animal Lover of dog rescue organization Wags and Walks. In her spare time Lesley is the mother of three young daughters and three adorable dogs.


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The Story of Wags & Walks

Lesley is a lifelong animal lover. The daughter of a veterinarian, Lesley had dogs her entire life. She was always passionate about dogs, but mostly as a pet lover. Eight years ago Lesley was working as a pharmaceutical sales rep, and raising two little girls and a beloved pit bull named Duncan her ahha moment came via Facebook. Several years ago a Facebook post caught her eye – “Can someone, anyone please help Pooch — he is going to be put down today unless someone can help”. Wags and Walks was born when Lesley realized it was her turn to be the someone, and drove down to the rescue to save Pooch. Fast-forward five years,and Wags and Walks has saved a thousand + dogs in Los Angeles and Southern California.

Lesley’s Advice for Families Considering Welcoming a Dog

According to Lesley many people have misconceptions about shelter dogs in general which prevent them from including the best dog for their family. Some of the most common misconceptions include:

  • Myth: Shelter dogs are in shelters because there is something wrong with
  • Reality: Most shelter dogs are great dogs who are simply there because their owners could not take care of them financially, emotionally, and/or practically
  • Myth: Shelters don’t really have puppies or pure-bred dogs
  • Reality: There are many, many puppies and pure-breeds in shelters. People are often shocked at the dogs that they can find in shelters.
  • Myth: If I live in a small place, I need a small dog.
  • Reality: Sometimes true, sometimes not. There are quite a few types of larger dogs who are not nearly as active as smaller dogs, and so apartments and smaller spaces are often great for them.

When it comes to choosing a family dog, Lesley says the key thing is to park your preconceived notions about what bred you want, and what you want your dog to look like at the door. The reality is that finding the right dog for your family is very much a matchmaking process. Lesley and her team focus on choosing good, family-friendly dogs based on temperament and their likelihood to thrive when placed in a proper home. Lesley also counsels that families need to make sure they are willing to put in the time and effort with dogs when they first come home. She goes on to explain that often people wait until they see issues before they hire a trainer. The reality is that every dog and every family would benefit from some basic training as soon as a dog comes home.

Balancing Family Time

Lesley explains that like many busy working parents there is really no such thing as balance. The tradeoffs she does make are made easier by the fact that what she is doing is her true life’s passion. It also enables her to teach her girls about gratitude,compassion, and stepping up. Lesley’s daughters often accompany her on trips to shelters where they see first-hand the conditions many of these animals are forced to endure. More importantly the girls can see what it means for one individual, or group of people, to step in and make a difference.Lesley says she looks for little moments to connect with her girls like weekly bubbly baths, where she can chat and bond with her little ones.


How You Can Help

Wags and Walks is a volunteer led organization, and help is always needed. If you are interested in adopting, fostering or donating to wags and walks click HERE for more information.



Check Out Lesley’s dog collection on Momstamp!