It’s gratitude season! For us, at Momstamp, the Thanksgiving meal is never complete without a round of “what are you grateful for.” To jump-start our mental appreciation list, we’ve culled some “nuggets of thankfulness” from a few friends we’ve been grateful to highlight on our blog this past year (notice a theme); from HGTV’s ‘Flipping Moms,’ Barb Machen; singer-songwriter, Lisa Loeb; author and journalist, Susan Orlean; and Mom’s LA co-founder, Yvonne CondesWe hope their answers inspire you to dig deeper into your appreciation bank and spread that largess a little wider.

Personally, our gratitude cup overflows. When we launched this spring we knew that this was a site, as parents, we needed. Since then, the growing community of mothers and fathers helping each other, creating a trusted network of parental recommendations, has been energizing. As we gather around our Thanksgiving tables this year, we will be buoyed by the ever supportive spirit of this community.   -jh

Momstamp’s Gratitude Experts



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What part of parenthood makes you most grateful?

Barbara: Being a mom inspires me to be a better person daily. To try to be the woman I want my daughters to be. As challenging as that can be, I am truly grateful.

Lisa: I’m grateful that I’m able to connect with my children and husband and feel full of love all the time, even when things feel tough.  There’s always an undercurrent of warmth and love there.

Susan: The chance to experience the surprise and delight in the world all over again, through my son’s eyes.

Yvonne: I’m most grateful for the community that parenthood has created for us. We’re not from Los Angeles and don’t have family close by, but we love the family of friends we’ve made since moving here. We have pictures of our kids together as babies and now 10 years later they have such a special bond.

Who is the one person in your community you’d like to thank?

Barbara: Kaye Kramer, she is the founder of an amazing organization called Step Up. I am part of the mentoring program and it truly has been a life changing experience.

Lisa: I’d like to say thank you to my nanny for showing so much care and love for my kids. Also, thanks to the crossing guards who help school children, parents, and other caregivers cross the street safely during those high traffic times of day when people aren’t always focused on the task at hand and safety.

Susan: Teachers! (I know that’s not one person, but allow me to aggregate them). For their generous spirit, their affection for our kids, their ability to inspire, their devotion to their hard work, which rewards them almost only with emotional and spiritual wealth, as opposed to material.

Yvonne: I would say thank you to Christina Close. She is the glue that holds our community of friends together. She plans our yearly camping trip, helps out when we’re in a bind, and even helps our kids with homework.

What resources are you most grateful for as a parent?

Barbara: I am most grateful for my I-Phone 6+ because it allows me to work and be with my family. Also, that my kids made my font size gigantic so I can read it without glasses.

Lisa: I’m grateful for the grocery stores, like Whole Foods and Fish in the Village in Valley Village, who help us put together quick, healthy meals for our family.  (They roast the free range chickens and grill the wild caught salmon for us.)

Susan: Other parents, who have tread this path before me; the library, for showing my son what a community resource looks like and provides both of us with material we need; and the Internet (I know, I know — heresy! But it is such a useful tool).

Yvonne: I’m a blogger and I’ve found great community and wonderful parenting resources online. When I first had kids, I was so grateful for moms club (which, sadly, no longer exists) and the Westside YMCA for the parenting and health related resources they offered.

What do you think your kids are most grateful for? 

Barbara: My twin daughters are most grateful for their family (I just went and asked them). I will remind them of that when they are rolling their eyes and whispering under their breath at me.

Lisa: My kids are most grateful for their grandparents, with whom they get to spend a lot of time.

Yvonne: We recently talked about moving and my kids were adamant that we not move out of LA or even our neighborhood. I think they’re most grateful for our home and our friends.