Have you ever tried to say anything substantial in just 30 seconds?

That was my challenge– how to get my feelings about this business that I am incredibly passionate about and consumes a lot of my time down to just 30 seconds… That was really really tough. It was a fun few hours going down to the SheKnows media studio for the pitch.


I got my makeup done which was quite a treat, (so much so that I drove over to my friend Naoko’s house and had her take some pics of me afterward–  I figured I should take advantage of the “done upends” of it all- I don’t have many pics of just me…).



After makeup I was off to stand in front of the cameras for my 30 seconds of fame. They kept on wanting me to dance or do something “crazy”- which I refused to do… not because I am opposed to dancing–but because I could feel the virtual eye rolling of my children. That said, I did become a bit competitive trying to get the pitch down to 20 seconds so who knows what other embarrassing stuff was captured…


All in all it was a fun day– I just hope I don’t look too stupid when it comes out and oh yeah, that it spreads the word about Momstamp.

– Paulette Light, Momstamp, CEO

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