Career Counselor/ Recruiter: Laurie Luh 


Don’t you just love a new year? Aside from the fact that time is flying by and we keep getting older, this flip of the calendar provides the perfect opportunity to set new plans into motion.

If you are like me, then you’ve already created a healthy to-do list for this year. And if you’re really, really like me, then one of the first things on that list is about your career.

I have found that if my goals are too big I end up kind of “forgetting” about them by mid-year. If I don’t have all of the puzzle pieces in place, then I focus on what I  know right now. Working on a career goal doesn’t have to mean vowing to quit your job, asking for a promotion or even knowing what you want to do with your life. You start where you are and create goals and action plans that are realistic and manageable. It’s amazing how much you can accomplish by just putting in a few checks and balances.

Let’s make this the year to turn our goals into actions! No matter what kind of career change you’re looking to make, these are the top five items that should be on your checklist.

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Determining your career goals for the New Year is the catalyst that puts everything else into motion.

  • Create an action plan to turn each goal into a reality.
  • Break your plan down into small achievable steps.
  • Set time in your calendar, set reminders, tell your friends so they can hold you accountable or better yet, find an accountability partner.



Getting in the habit of updating your resume once a year is a great practice and serves multiple purposes. Don’t fight it.

  • It’s so much easier to remember what you did within the last 12 months, than to wait until you really need your resume and then try to remember what you’ve accomplished over the past several years.
  • Your resume is your roadmap. If you’re stuck wondering about your career path, updating and revisiting your resume will provide some great clues. That perfect next job is probably a culmination of all of our experiences.
  • Updating your resume will remind you of all the great things that you’ve done and how marketable you really are.
  • Check out my tips for perfecting your resume.


Once you’ve updated your resume, creating or tweaking your LinkedIn profile will be simple. This is also a great habit to get into every year. Why should this be on your checklist?

  • Most recruiters are searching for great candidates on LinkedIn. Even if you’re not interested in a career move, the right job opportunity might come looking for you.
  • LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. Don’t just update your profile, make connections, join groups and follow companies and thought-leaders that you admire.
  • Check out my tips for creating a great LinkedIn profile.


One of the best ways to learn about job opportunities is to talk to someone in that line of work. This is also great for staying current in your field or looking into a new area of business that interests you.

  • Make a list of people that you want to reconnect with or get to know (LinkedIn is great for this) and set meetings. Plan at least one meeting a month. That means you should have a list with at least twelve names.
  • All meetings should be in person. If someone on your list is out of state, then by all means jump on the phone, but nothing beats an in person meeting to really connect.
  • Join a group. This is the perfect way to expand your network and learn about new job opportunities. Online groups are a great start, but the real networking happens when you get in the same room. For maximum exposure, try a little of both.

5) READ 

The Internet provides the most up-to-date information on everything and anything related to your career.

  • Set aside some time for yourself every week. Make it a recurring event in your online calendar, pour yourself a cup of something yummy and start learning what’s possible.
  • Some of my favorite sites for career related information are, Forbes, Fast Company, Indeed and LinkedIn.
  • Check out this Forbes’ list for more great websites.

Here’s to a successful and rewarding new year!


In her “previous life,” Laurie Luh was the head of Human Resources at Participant Media from the company’s inception in 2004 until early 2013, when she realized that it was time to jump into the next chapter. Laurie is now a successful Career Counselor and HR Consultant and swears that even her busiest days rarely feel like work. When asked how to determine the right career path, Laurie says that it’s all about getting clear on what you want, putting a plan together to make it happen and believing that it’s possible. When she’s not consulting, running on the beach or taking an exuberant amount of photos of her favorite Venice, CA sunsets, you can find Laurie dispensing career advice on her website, Mimosa Lotus and right here.