The brain child of the MomAngeles team, Laura Gerson & Galite ShaferMomfair Live is the preeminent gathering of career experts offering mothers insight and advice to either jump start a new career or push their careers to the next level.  In a dynamic and jam packed day, Momfair Live  experts gather under one roof, giving mom’s the opportunity to directly interact with hiring managers, career counselors, work from home experts, recruiters, entrepreneurs, business and home resources and like minded moms in a comfortable setting.

This year, Momstamp had a booth in the exhibition space and two of Momstamp‘s co-founders, CEO, Paulette Light and Julie Hermelin contributed their expertise to panels.  The whole Momstamp team were impressed by how Momfair Live is actively creating a strong community of support for women looking to jump into the next phase of their working journey.

At the conference, Momstamp stole a moment with Laura Gerson, to hear her thoughts on Momfair and the benefit of a good night’s sleep.

Laura and Galite MA copy

From lft to rt: Laura Gerson & Galite Shafer, co-founders of Momfair

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What inspired you to create Momfair? 

We launched MomFair because so many women we talk to struggle with the same challenges of returning to work that we struggle with. Through our work as digital marketers we met so many great career and business resources that we wanted to share them with other moms. And Momfair was born!

What did attendees gain from participating? 

A jam packed day full of actionable information that helped them formulate a game plan for job searches, launching and/or growing their business, building their digital presence, and insight into better work/life balance. 



From rt to lft, comedians and writers, Jessica St. Claire& Lennon Parham from USA Networks, “Playing House,” in a riveting conversation with Madeline Di Nonno from the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in the Media at Momfair.

On your website you discuss the term Career Mom vs Working Mom, can you explain further? What led to the creation of this term?

All moms work. By saying “working mom” it implies that motherhood doesn’t require effort. It’s the hardest (and most rewarding job) yet. Career mom is a term we use instead to describe moms who also have jobs or careers outside of motherhood – but we aren’t sure that’s best term either. Until we come up w something better it’s all we’ve got.

“The panelists were really open and honest about how challenging it can be returning to work after taking time off, but they managed to temper their candor with encouragement and a LOT of smart tips and advice…The whole thing felt supportive and actually useful – like you were walking away with information you could put into action immediately.” – ERIN MATZKIN, CLUCK CLUCK APP


Headshot Truck at MomFair!

Headshot Truck at MomFair 2016!

How can a parent that decides to be the primary caretaker in their children’s early years keep themselves relevant professionally when they’re ready to re-enter the workforce?  

Volunteer. Do consulting work. Keep reading industry publications. Keep your LinkedIn profile updated.

In what ways do you feel technology and the ease in which we are able to connect via social media, etc, is aiding in shifting work paradigms?
Social media is going to play a huge role in the workplace in 2016.  See my recent Linked in post.

Momfair founders Laura Gerson & Galite Shafer.

Momfair founders Laura Gerson & Galite Shafer.

How do you integrate your business and family life?

I work before everyone is up and after everyone goes to bed. I whittle out blocks of time on the weekend around my child’s activities and family plans. I think it’s key to focus on family from 5-8 those after school hours dinner and bedtime are precious. 

Any parenting “hacks” or quick/practical tips that you can give that make your life easier?

Get some sleep. No one manages it all when they are cranky.

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See the speakers from MomFair 2016!

Our Amazing Speakers at MomFair 2016 !

The Amazing Speakers at MomFair 2016 !