Jerelyn Newman is a Massachusetts native who lives in Los Angeles with her college-sweetheart Joey, a composer, and their three girls. Jerelyn has been a singer her entire life. She studied music in college and worked for years teaching children on the stage. She also works singing for TV and film and sings with the Los Angeles Metropolitan Master Chorale.


About a year ago Jerelyn started on a new entrepreneurial creative journey, inspired in large part by her own young daughters. For years Jerelyn had been talking with some of her friends in the creative community about creating a children’s theatre company. Having creative autonomy and the opportunity to work with people she adored and respected, was something she always dreamed about. Yet she had never taken that full leap. Every day Jerelyn’s girls inspire her and ensure she is asking herself has she been the best friend, family member, and woman she could be? Have her actions (and not just her words) inspired her daughters in some way?


Jerelyn realized fulfilling her dream was an important part of her having that honest relationship with her girls. She wanted to start her company while her girls were at an age where they could experience the journey together.  Thus, The Westside Children’sTheatre Company was born. WCT is a “production based model” where kids sign-up to be part of a current production. The program runs both during the school year and the summer, and currently offers distinct programming for K-2 nd grade and 3rd-5 th grade.


Jerelyn feels blessed that both she and her husband are able to work in professions that are their true passions, and that they can share with their girls. In part because of their creative backgrounds, they co-parent by trying to ‘live in the solution’ and really try to inspire each other. Because Jerelyn’s family is based in Massachusetts, she’s really learned to ask forhelp from her friends and her husband’s extended family. Jerelyn tries to make sure she takes time for herself so that she can really be present with her girls and with her students. And she’s happy that she lives in Los Angeles, where Coffee Bean is always near by.



See Jerelyn’s Momstamps  and be sure to Momstamp her at Westside Children’s Theatre Company