Shana Lutsky is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who hails from Canada, but wouldn’t dream of going back and weathering the freezing winters. Shana is mother to three young boys – a set of twins in first grade and a new baby! She lives with her husband and children in West Los Angeles.


What made you want to become a social worker?


Becoming a therapist was a natural path for me. My dad is a psychoanalyst, and for as long as I can remember I knew that I wanted to follow in his footsteps into a career that focuses on helping others thrive. I’ve always been drawn to people and curious as to what makes them tick. I am a very social person and have always loved being surrounded by people. Helping those who are struggling with life’s challenges and assisting them through life’s turbulence is something I relish.


Is there a particular age group with whom you like to work?


Throughout my education and my career as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker I have served all sorts of populations, but the one that has always stood out to me are teenagers. I spent many years working with teens within LAUSD. This is a particular time in one’s life that is met with SO many transitions from both a social-emotional and physical perspective. This period can bring up many difficult issues including, school life, peer and romantic relationships, one’s identity, independence, drugs, alcohol and much more. It is a period of life that is constantly evolving which makes it so interesting to me. It is not a permanent state, so there is a lot of potential for growth and change. Inherently, there is hope and optimism that can be instilled even when confronted with a teen that may feel like their entire life is a lot to bear in the moment. I work to help teens cope with their present, and move beyond where they are today so they can better navigate these trying years that adolescence presents.






You recently had your third child. How have your work and your expectations regarding work and family changed?

I worked in LAUSD for the past 17 years. However, since having my third child, I realized I needed more flexibility. I recently opened my own private practice in West Los Angeles. I offer after school and weekend hours, which truthfully enables me to better accommodate many teens’ busy schedules. It also allows me to be with my own children, and my baby more during the day.

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