INTERIOR DECORATOR:  Caitlin Scanlon 1.  LIKE YOUR DESIGNER Design sense aside, when hiring an interior designer make sure you find someone that you have a great personal rapport with. This person is going to have an intimate relationship with your family. Meet them in person at your house for at least an hour so you… Read More


“TAKE 10” inspires moms to take 10 minutes for themselves for fitness. Investing even a little of your time in a workout has proven to tone muscles, burn fat, and boost your mood.… Read More


Speech Therapist : Amy Johnson, M.S., CCC-SLP 1. ARTICULATON/ SOUND PRODUCTION If your child cannot produce a particular sound (commonly s, r, l, k: For example, if your child produces “thun” for “sun,” “wight” for “right,” “wowwipop” for “lollipop,” or “tar” for “car”). If your child is unintelligible when they speak and people cannot understand person in general (such as… Read More

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by Julie Harris Walker of LICE-ensed to Kill Let’s face it.  Lice is gross.  And creepy.  And when the school calls to tell you your kid has it, especially the first time, you are freaked out.  You just want it to go away.  I was in such denial the first time I pulled a live louse… Read More


Animal Rights Expert:  Lesley Brog  The love between a child and a dog can help to build a child’s confidence, immune system and communications skills, but there are simple tips to help the relationship thrive. It’s about the three Rs: RESPECT Your children should always be taught to respect dogs and a dog’s space. Teach your kids to… Read More

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Camp Director at CAMP TAMAKWA: Margot Perlmutter  Recommend CAMP TAMAKWA, Momstamp them here. When I was growing up, my non-camp friends thought I was crazy for going away to summer camp for a whole month—eventually two. At the same time, my parent’s friends thought they were equally as crazy.  How could they send their kids away for the whole… Read More


REAL ESTATE AGENT:  Sharona Alperin Listing your home doesn’t need to be a challenge. During my many years of selling and buying homes, I have come to understand that a few key elements can make all the difference in having a successful listing with every home, here are my top five: 1.  GET YOUR HOME… Read More


Former CEO of The Assistance Group & Co-Founder of Momstamp: Paulette Light 1. THINK ABOUT THE FUTURE WHEN WRITING YOUR NANNY’S JOB DESCRIPTION  A written job description is important because it helps you clarify your expectations, even if you think you made them clear during the interview. Include everything you may want the nanny to… Read More


EDUCATIONAL TUTORS:  Nathalie Kunin Understanding how your child learns is a first step toward productive learning.  Howard Gardner, a Harvard Professor categorized the 8 different types of intelligence. Here is a summary as well as a few tips to engage your child. Most children do not only fall into one category but may have a… Read More


Momstamp Co-Founder:  Paulette Light With 4 very different kids, I have experienced the full range of summer camps in Los Angeles and learned some valuable lessons along the way: Find Summer Camps on Momstamp! 1.  BOOK EARLY These camps fill up!  Every year, parents are shocked that summer has arrived and their kid has no plans.  Get… Read More