Event Planner: Jenifour Jones See Jenifour’s Momstamps!  MYTH 1: SERVING WINE & BEER IS CHEAPER THAN HARD LIQUOR Not true if you are supplying your own bar.  If this is the case, alcohol can be considerably less than wine.  One bottle of wine at $14 per bottle is going to serve 4 people.  One 750 ml… Read More


Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist : Eufe de la Torre Recommend Eufe De la Torre on Momstamp!  1. UNDERSTAND FULLY WHAT YOU ARE GETTING INTO  I recommend that you talk to a therapist that has experience in the field of adoption. Even if you have friends who have grown their family through adoption, they can only… Read More


Organizers: Joni Weiss & Kitt Fife of Practically Perfect See Practically Perfect on Momstamp!  1. NEVER LEAVE A ROOM EMPTY HANDED   This will dramatically decrease the amount of time you spend devoted to straightening up each day.  If you’re up and moving around anyway–and parents always are–take the opportunity to multitask and organize your home.… Read More

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Landscape Designer:Judy Kameon Beginning a landscape project can be a daunting undertaking. In her recently published book Gardens Are For Living from Rizzoli, landscape designer Judy Kameon shares some of her thoughts on what to consider before starting so that you can make good choices that work for you. 1. SPACE PLANNING Every outdoor space,… Read More


Owner of BabySpaceLA:Caren Gitlin, LCSW Whether you are entering parenthood for the first time or the third time, there is always a period of adjustment. With each bundle of joy added to the family come new unanticipated adjustments. The old adjustments seem easy (almost like you couldn’t believe you had struggled with them in the… Read More


Elder Care: Yael Wyte Find Tools for Elder Care on Momstamp!  1. HOW DO YOU KNOW WHEN IT’S TIME TO LOOK AT ASSISTED LIVING OR IN HOME CARE?  The general rule for a question like this is if you are asking then it is time. When you are caring for someone with Alzheimer’s/ Dementia it is… Read More


Real Estate Broker: Jackie Smith 1. LOSING THE HOUSE OF YOUR DREAMS FOR A SMALL AMOUNT OF MONEY  You need to remember that most likely you aren’t paying cash for the house, so the reality is that your payments and interest rates are stretched over 15 to 30 years. Don’t lose your dream home because… Read More


CONTRACTOR:  Dennis Smith See Dennis’s Recommendations On Momstamp!  1.  THE CHEAPEST BID If the bid seems too good to be true—it is the lowest number and the shortest timeframe usually amounts to many many change orders. Faster and cheaper is just not better. 2.  COMPARING BIDS When you get different bids- make sure that you… Read More


CONTRACTOR:  Dennis Smith See Dennis’s Momstamps!  1.  HIRE A PERSON NOT A BRAND Think before you hire someone from a chain.   I would always hire someone who is recommended and not someone who comes from a brand. You just don’t know who you are hiring and who is coming to your home. You don’t want to… Read More


PHYSICAL THERAPY:  Diana Reiss, PT, DPT, OCS, founder of Reiss Physical Therapy & Rehab, Inc. Most people spend the majority of their time sitting. When sitting, the pressure through your spine is over 250 times more than if you were laying down. Here are some things to combat all the stress that this pressure cause to… Read More