DANCE EXPERT AND STUDIO OWNER:  Sophie Pierce See Sophie Dance’s Recommendations On Momstamp!  1.  DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE YOU SIGN UP Research your dance studio prior to enrolling so you can be informed about your dance studios policies before becoming a client. Ie: Are there recitals? Competitions? Costume fees? Refunds if class doesn’t work out?… Read More


MARRIAGE AND FAMILY THERAPIST:  Lori Sunkin, MA MFT  WHAT TO SAY WHEN YOU ARE ASKED ABOUT GETTING PREGNANT?   Whether or not you are struggling with infertility, you don’t owe anyone an answer to this question. It is not anyone else’s business but yours.  The key is to shut down this line of questioning. I recommend a short… Read More


MARRIAGE AND FAMILY THERAPIST:  Lori Sunkin, MA MFT FOR THE NEW PARENTS 1. ESTABLISH BOUNDARIES Make your boundaries clear.  This is your first experience as a family unit. Let your parents know in a gentle way that they are welcome, but that you need to start your path as parents to this new baby. 2.  KNOW… Read More


PHYSICAL THERAPY:  Diana Reiss, PT, DPT, OCS, founder of Reiss Physical Therapy & Rehab, Inc. At your first PT appointment be sure to find out the following information: WHAT IS GOING ON? You need to have a clear understanding of why you are feeling what you are feeling. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? If your PT can’t clearly… Read More


LAWYER:  Lisa Pierson Weinberger Checking off that preparation to-do list before the baby is born can be overwhelming – especially when your career is involved. Lisa Pierson Weinberger, ESQ., celebrity lawyer turned rock star mom and founder of legal advice consultancy Mom, Esq., shares her insider secrets on how to best prepare for leave so… Read More


LAWYER:  Lisa Pierson Weinberger An extra pair of hands may be needed when your newest addition arrives, especially when considering going back to work full or part-time. Lisa Pierson Weinberger, ESQ., celebrity lawyer turned rock star mom and founder of legal advice consultancy Mom, ESQ., shares her top five tips to easy, trouble-free hiring! 1.… Read More


MARRIAGE AND FAMILY THERAPIST:  Lori Sunkin, MA MFT 1. 3 IS THE MAGIC NUMBER Get at least 3 referrals.  Ask everyone you are comfortable asking, friends, colleagues, MDs, your OB 2. DETAILS FIRST Get the information upfront.  How much do they charge? What kind of insurance do they take? 3. END GAME What’s their end game? Do they… Read More


PHYSICAL THERAPY:  Diana Reiss, PT, DPT, OCS See Diana’s Momstamps!  Is it “normal” for you to feel this way? When should you go see someone?  Everyone wakes up with cricks in their body, especially as we get older- but when does it become a problem? If you have the following symptoms, go see someone Pain that… Read More


THERAPIST:  Hollye Grayson  1. Be specific When seeking out mental health services it is important that you know what type of therapist you are looking for. Are you looking for an individual therapist, a couples therapist or a therapist who works with children? Some therapists work with all of the above, but some do not. If you are… Read More