As parents we know it’s impossible to get things done without our support system, our parenting villages. This Mother’s Day Momstamp celebrates the friends we rely on who help us and our community get things done.  Please take a few minutes between now and Wednesday and post on our Facebook page, tweet at @Mom_Stamp or tag us on… Read More

Boys Cover

FAMILY EVENT CREATOR:  FRANCINE HERMELIN LEVITE As the creator of the popular family Passover Haggadah, My Haggadah, Made It  Myself, Francine Hermelin Levite has spent years transforming curiosity into creativity and breathing new life into old traditions.  As families gather this weekend to celebrate holidays, Francine lends some insight to add more playfulness and depth to… Read More


CO-FOUNDER & CEO OF MOMSTAMP:  Paulette Light See Paulette’s Recommendations on Momstamp! I have taken the courses, read the books, played the roles, but I have learned the most about being a leader from my on-the-job training as a mom to my four kids. Thus, my four leadership lessons from motherhood: 1.  You can’t please… Read More