Ruth Stalford is a native New Yorker who relocated to Los Angeles 25 years ago to pursue acting and producing. She currently resides in Hancock Park with her husband and son. Ruth’s passion for volunteering started many years ago, as she volunteered with organizations in her free time supporting at-risk youth. In 2002 her philanthropic… Read More

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Thinking about sending your child to sleep away camp this summer? Confused about which day camp to send your little one to? Check out these great tips from Momstamped Camp Advisor, Jill Levin Is my child ready for an overnight experience? Do they sleep out at their grandparents or friends’ homes easily? Do they seem… Read More


MomFair is an organization near and dear to our hearts. Started by two amazing LA based entrepreneurs, Laura Nix Gerson and Galite Shafer, MomFair helps moms rediscover their careers. MomFair is a destination for moms who want to explore new paths and figure out how to navigate their changing careers. Whether you want to dust off… Read More

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Full disclosure — I am one of the people who Momstamped Tafiq Akhir.  You have to understand though that I really don’t like to exercise, so the fact that Tafiq has a class that is never boring, that I actually- dare I say– kind of look forward to going, is big. The class includes people of… Read More


Shana Lutsky is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who hails from Canada, but wouldn’t dream of going back and weathering the freezing winters. Shana is mother to three young boys – a set of twins in first grade and a new baby! She lives with her husband and children in West Los Angeles.   What… Read More

Zachary Marsh has been an ADHD Coach and Behavioral Specialist for over 12 years. He customizes his programs for children, adolescents and adults through unique exercises, to help them foster skills to help them attain executive control over their behavioral and emotional states in response to external stimuli. Through these practices, clients guide their own actions… Read More

Conversation with Savor Founder & Co-CEO Jennifer Nevins

Jenny Nevins is a New York based entrepreneur and mom. She founded Savor- a start-up that helps people create and preserve family memories. Savor’s products make it easy and fun to save those physical mementos from childhood that matter most. See Jenny’s Momstamps!  What’s been your journey to get here? It’s not something that I… Read More


Jerelyn Newman is a Massachusetts native who lives in Los Angeles with her college-sweetheart Joey, a composer, and their three girls. Jerelyn has been a singer her entire life. She studied music in college and worked for years teaching children on the stage. She also works singing for TV and film and sings with the Los Angeles… Read More