Ruth Stalford is a native New Yorker who relocated to Los Angeles 25 years ago to pursue acting and producing. She currently resides in Hancock Park with her husband and son. Ruth’s passion for volunteering started many years ago, as she volunteered with organizations in her free time supporting at-risk youth. In 2002 her philanthropic… Read More

Conversation with Savor Founder & Co-CEO Jennifer Nevins

Jenny Nevins is a New York based entrepreneur and mom. She founded Savor- a start-up that helps people create and preserve family memories. Savor’s products make it easy and fun to save those physical mementos from childhood that matter most. See Jenny’s Momstamps!  What’s been your journey to get here? It’s not something that I… Read More


Momstamp supports women founders.  In our ongoing series on parent-focused female led start-ups, we hear from OptIn founder, Kerry Dolan. Kerry writes candidly about the challenges she and other women face transitioning from the work of full time parenting to professional employment. Her Company, OptIn, specializes in guiding women back into the workforce. Its programs include… Read More


The brain child of the MomAngeles team, Laura Gerson & Galite Shafer, Momfair Live is the preeminent gathering of career experts offering mothers insight and advice to either jump start a new career or push their careers to the next level.  In a dynamic and jam packed day, Momfair Live  experts gather under one roof, giving mom’s the opportunity to directly interact with hiring… Read More


This holiday season, Momstamp service providers are expressing gratitude to clients by featuring deals on the Momstamp homepage! Helping create a trusted community of clients and providers is the foundation of what we do here at Momstamp.  And your feedback has been vital as we grow.  We’ve been hearing that you want other ways to stay connected to your favorite providers and… Read More


 http:// Have you ever tried to say anything substantial in just 30 seconds? That was my challenge– how to get my feelings about this business that I am incredibly passionate about and consumes a lot of my time down to just 30 seconds… That was really really tough. It was a fun few hours going… Read More


It’s gratitude season! For us, at Momstamp, the Thanksgiving meal is never complete without a round of “what are you grateful for.” To jump-start our mental appreciation list, we’ve culled some “nuggets of thankfulness” from a few friends we’ve been grateful to highlight on our blog this past year (notice a theme); from HGTV’s ‘Flipping… Read More


One of Momstamp’s favorite sites for nutritional advice and healthy living is, KaleandKant, by Kelly Rogers Victor.  Each week Kelly brings her unique philosophical lens to the nutritional challenges facing our busy families while also offering simple, family-friendly recipes and nutrition tips. We’re thrilled to have her guest post for us today!   Kelly is a Certified Health Coach… Read More


Momstamp is a huge fan of P.S. ARTS and their mission of improving the lives of children by providing high-quality arts education to California’s underserved public schools & communities. It’s vital work in our community. Each November, families across Southern California come together for P.S. ARTS’ biggest fundraiser of the year, Express Yourself. This fun-filled… Read More