MARRIAGE AND FAMILY THERAPIST:  Lori Sunkin, MA, MFT 1.  KNOW YOUR RISKS There are many conditions that predispose you to Post Partum—including those who suffer anxiety and depression before pregnancy. 2.  NOTE THE DEPTH Recognize a wide variety of symptoms but note the depth . If you have no appetite, can’t sleep, cry a lot, feel overwhelmed… Read More


Melinda Fay is a collector, a shop keeper, a curator, an artist, a connector and a mom– not necessarily in that order. She owns and operates the Good Eye Gallery in Eagle Rock, a brick and mortar store filled with vintage and contemporary art objects and decor to spread her concept of Curativity.  It is also… Read More

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FAMILY EVENT CREATOR:  FRANCINE HERMELIN LEVITE As the creator of the popular family Passover Haggadah, My Haggadah, Made It  Myself, Francine Hermelin Levite has spent years transforming curiosity into creativity and breathing new life into old traditions.  As families gather this weekend to celebrate holidays, Francine lends some insight to add more playfulness and depth to… Read More