MARRIAGE AND FAMILY THERAPIST:  Lori Sunkin, MA, MFT 1.  KNOW YOUR RISKS There are many conditions that predispose you to Post Partum—including those who suffer anxiety and depression before pregnancy. 2.  NOTE THE DEPTH Recognize a wide variety of symptoms but note the depth . If you have no appetite, can’t sleep, cry a lot, feel overwhelmed… Read More


Speech Therapist : Amy Johnson, M.S., CCC-SLP 1. ARTICULATON/ SOUND PRODUCTION If your child cannot produce a particular sound (commonly s, r, l, k: For example, if your child produces “thun” for “sun,” “wight” for “right,” “wowwipop” for “lollipop,” or “tar” for “car”). If your child is unintelligible when they speak and people cannot understand person in general (such as… Read More

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by Julie Harris Walker of LICE-ensed to Kill Let’s face it.  Lice is gross.  And creepy.  And when the school calls to tell you your kid has it, especially the first time, you are freaked out.  You just want it to go away.  I was in such denial the first time I pulled a live louse… Read More

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Camp Director at CAMP TAMAKWA: Margot Perlmutter  Recommend CAMP TAMAKWA, Momstamp them here. When I was growing up, my non-camp friends thought I was crazy for going away to summer camp for a whole month—eventually two. At the same time, my parent’s friends thought they were equally as crazy.  How could they send their kids away for the whole… Read More


PHYSICAL THERAPY:  Diana Reiss, PT, DPT, OCS, founder of Reiss Physical Therapy & Rehab, Inc. Most people spend the majority of their time sitting. When sitting, the pressure through your spine is over 250 times more than if you were laying down. Here are some things to combat all the stress that this pressure cause to… Read More


PHOTOGRAPHER:  Marjorie Salvaterra 1.  UNIQUELY YOU Whether you are taking a selfie or a photo of your children, try and capture something special! 2.  CONNECT It’s all in the eyes!!! 3.  FIND YOUR BEST SIDE Most people are not perfectly symmetrical, so turn slightly to one side or the other. 4.  PRACTICE, PRACTICE We have… Read More