MARRIAGE AND FAMILY THERAPIST:  Lori Sunkin, MA, MFT 1.  KNOW YOUR RISKS There are many conditions that predispose you to Post Partum—including those who suffer anxiety and depression before pregnancy. 2.  NOTE THE DEPTH Recognize a wide variety of symptoms but note the depth . If you have no appetite, can’t sleep, cry a lot, feel overwhelmed… Read More


HIRING A THERAPIST:  Hollye Grayson Recommend Hollye Grayson On Momstamp!  1. Is your fee negotiable? If you don’t ask for a fee reduction they will not offer it up to you. Most therapists work with a sliding scale. 2. Do you take my insurance? If not, how does it work? Do they file a claim… Read More


MARRIAGE AND FAMILY THERAPIST:  Lori Sunkin, MA MFT  WHAT TO SAY WHEN YOU ARE ASKED ABOUT GETTING PREGNANT?   Whether or not you are struggling with infertility, you don’t owe anyone an answer to this question. It is not anyone else’s business but yours.  The key is to shut down this line of questioning. I recommend a short… Read More