Shana Lutsky is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who hails from Canada, but wouldn’t dream of going back and weathering the freezing winters. Shana is mother to three young boys – a set of twins in first grade and a new baby! She lives with her husband and children in West Los Angeles.   What… Read More


HIRING A THERAPIST:  Hollye Grayson Recommend Hollye Grayson On Momstamp!  1. Is your fee negotiable? If you don’t ask for a fee reduction they will not offer it up to you. Most therapists work with a sliding scale. 2. Do you take my insurance? If not, how does it work? Do they file a claim… Read More


THERAPIST:  Hollye Grayson  1. Be specific When seeking out mental health services it is important that you know what type of therapist you are looking for. Are you looking for an individual therapist, a couples therapist or a therapist who works with children? Some therapists work with all of the above, but some do not. If you are… Read More