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Mike Settele is a NY native who resettled to LA in 2016. Mike is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University, where test prep was in his blood. Mike taught SAT classes for Capital Educators throughout college, and became a full-time course director after graduation. He started his own private SAT and ACT tutoring business after… Read More


EDUCATIONAL TUTORS:  Nathalie Kunin Understanding how your child learns is a first step toward productive learning.  Howard Gardner, a Harvard Professor categorized the 8 different types of intelligence. Here is a summary as well as a few tips to engage your child. Most children do not only fall into one category but may have a… Read More


EDUCATIONAL TUTORS:  Nathalie Kunin When choosing the right school for your child the notion of what is the “best” school is subjective. What is best for one student is not best for another. 1. GO BEYOND THE TOUR Check out school activities—go see a school play or sporting event. Find out how you are connected… Read More